Purifying Facial Milk Cleanser, 250ml

Purifying Facial Milk Cleanser, 250ml

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A good cleanser is they key to a clean and healthy skin that will look flawless, radiant, and youthful!

Our Purifying Facial Milk Cleanser creates a perfect foundation for your skin care routine.

Containing Argan Oil, which helps heal and protect the skin, this is the first cleanser of it's kind to replenish nutrients as you cleanse. The Facial Milk penetrates deeply while cleaning without creating unnecessary irritation.

Getting rid of make-up can be easier said than done, but the Purifying Facial Milk Cleanser removes every trace while adding moisture and balancing the skin - for 3 uses in one!

Wet your face and massage the cleanser over face and neck with your fingertips. Wipe away with a damp tissue or cotton. For best results, wash the face twice daily.