Miracle Rescue Under-Eye Rejuvenation Device
Miracle Rescue Under-Eye Rejuvenation Device
Miracle Rescue Under-Eye Rejuvenation Device

Miracle Rescue Under-Eye Rejuvenation Device


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The Miracle Rescue Under-Eye Rejuvenation Device offers multiple benefits. It enhances cell activity and promotes muscle movement while restoring skin elasticity. The device accelerates blood circulation, reduces edema, and opens skin surface channels to enhance nutrient absorption. It effectively repairs collagen fibers and glial layer tissue, smoothing and fading fine lines. With micro-current massage, it boosts collagen production, firms, and lifts the skin around the eyes, promoting ATP production to assist in generating collagen and elastin. Additionally, the device features deep massage to stimulate blood circulation in the eyes, relieving eye fatigue, tightening and shaping eye skin, and instantly tightening pores, lightening dark circles, and improving skin issues around the eyes.


  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation): Enhance cell activity, promote muscle movement, and restore skin elasticity. Accelerate blood circulation, reduce edema, and open skin surface channels to accelerate nutrient absorption. Repair collagen fibers and glial layer tissue for smoothing and fading fine lines. Micro-current massage accelerates collagen production, firming, and lifting the skin around the eyes. Additionally, micro-current promotes ATP production, assisting collagen and elastin generation.
  • RF (Radio Frequency): Decrease wrinkles, reduce cellulite, reduce growth lines and fine lines under the eyes, shrink fat cells to tighten the skin, thicken the dermis, and improve dermal connective tissue to address thinning and aging.
  • Red Light Therapy: Stimulate collagen and matrix component synthesis, lift and firm the skin, plump the skin, brighten skin color, promote close circulation in skin cells, alleviate allergic dermatitis, provide pain relief, and activate active ingredients
  • Vibration: Deep massage to promote blood circulation in the eyes and effectively relieve and eliminate eye fatigue.
  • Multi-functional (Combination of RF + EMS + Red Light + Vibration): Tighten and shape the eye skin, addressing loose sagging skin and other concerns. Instantly tighten pores, lighten dark circles, and improve skin problems around the eyes.

How To Use:

Use your finger to take an appropriate amount of eye cream, apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, and open the product for use. Turn on the switch and move the massage head slowly and slightly from the inner corner of the eye to the temple along the eyeliner. Carry out point pressing care according to the point position in the figure, staying at each point for about 10 seconds, and repeat 2-3 times. Draw circles around the eyes according to the arrow direction in the figure, generally 3-5 circles.


This product is not suitable for individuals (including children) who have decreased mental abilities or lack experience or knowledge. The built-in battery of this product cannot be replaced by the user. If you have any questions while using the product, you can log in to our website or call our service for relevant information. When using this product, please be careful not to get close to water to avoid electric shock and other possible dangerous situations.

Product Specifications:

Product Size: 167.8 x 27.5 x 27.5mm
Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Charging Duration: 2H
Rated Power: 3W
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
RF Frequency: 1MHZ
LED Wavelength: red light 620nm

*Please note that this product is not a medical device.
*Results may vary based on individual skin types.