Mini-Me Pro Flawless Hair Removal Device
Mini-Me Pro Flawless Hair Removal Device
Mini-Me Pro Flawless Hair Removal Device
Mini-Me Pro Flawless Hair Removal Device
Mini-Me Pro Flawless Hair Removal Device

Mini-Me Pro Flawless Hair Removal Device


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*Please note that this product is not a medical device.
*Results may vary based on individual skin types.


Professional IPL Technology

IPL is an optical technology called "strong pulsed light." Pulsed hair-based hair removal is one of the most effective ways to remove excess hair from the body, and the effect is more durable. It differs from other current methods of hair removal as it significantly reduces hair regeneration. Our research shows that after just two exposures, hair is significantly reduced. Good results are generally obtained after four or five exposures. With each complete epilation, the hair density is significantly reduced. This hair remover is equipped with high-performance light bulbs that do not need to be replaced. The bulb has a life of 600,000 flashes and can sustain more than 5 years of exposure, saving you the cost of purchasing expensive spare bulbs.

Principle of IPL Hair Removal Technology

Let's first understand hair growth. The rate of hair growth varies from person to person, depending on the age, metabolism and other factors. However, each person's hair growth is usually divided into three stages.

1.) Growing Period

Hair grows actively from the roots. At this stage, the concentration of melanin is the highest. Melanin determines the color of hair. Melanin concentration is also a decisive factor for the effectiveness of the strong pulse technique. Only hair in the growth phase responds to the light irradiation process.

2.) Recession Period

The hair stop growing in recession period. The roots shrink, and then the hairs falls off.

3.) Intermittent Period

The old hair detached from its hair follicle and fell off. The hair follicles remain dormant until the circadian clock reminds them to reactivate and grow new hair.

IPL Photon Hair Removal Principle

This product works by heating the hair under the skin and the roots of the hair. Melanin in the hair and at the roots of the hair absorbs light pulses from the product. The darker the hair, the more light it absorbs. This process can stimulate the hair into a dormant period.

During the irradiation, hair will naturally fall off and be inhibited from regenerating. Hair loss may take one or two weeks. A good hair removal effect cannot be achieved in one step, because only the hair in the growth phase will respond to the light hair removal process. During epilation, the hair at the epilation site is usually at different stages of the hair growth cycle. In order to effectively affect all hair, the irradiation process needs to be repeated every two weeks for the first two months.

This product has an integrated optical filter to ensure that UV rays cannot reach the skin and to ensure that the product is safe for the skin. If the sending filter lens is damaged, please stop using the product immediately and return to the merchant for repair.

Preparation Before Hair Removal

Before using this product, if you have used other methods to remove hair before (such as epilation, depilatory cream, beeswax, etc.), you need to wait until the hair grows and recover before using this product. Before using this product, please make sure that the area to be depilated is shaved. Shaving the hair is necessary to ensure that the light energy is directed to the roots in the most efficient way. Remember not to use a depilatory cream before depilation.

Clean the Skin

Please keep the skin clean and hairless, completely dry and free of oily substances (such as no cosmetic deodorant, lotion, perfume, suntan, sunscreen, etc.)