Membership Card

Rerward Program

We are obsessed about finding the best products and services to add value to our clients live and we are so excited to share with you our reward Prestige gold VIP program!

Why should I join your membership program?

Everyone like to look good, am I right? A gold membership with Predire Paris allowed you special discounts and promotionals while you continue to maintain and take care of your skin each month! So many clients just want to freedom of not boring about price products to their skin - to maintain their results. Coming in at least once a month is the perfect answer, and if you want to come in more, you will save more! We here you loud and clear!

You are coming in anyway, so you might as well become a member and receive special promotions and discounts on your treatments and products! it's a win win for everyone!

Does our membership program work?

It's really simple! in fact, that's why memberships are so popular, because they are so easy!

The major Benefits of our membership program

1. The ease of receiving your products on a consistent basis.
2. The extreme savings on your monthly recommended facials and peels.
3. The savings on your recommendent monthly products.
4. Best of all, you can now maintain your skin without the need to have to remember to place an order.

We will automatically take care of you, even send you a reminder email when it is time for your follow up facial or your 50% off discount.