Limited Edition Concentrated Stress Bundle | BOGO Bundle

Limited Edition Concentrated Stress Bundle | BOGO Bundle


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Dear Customers & Supporters,

Over the last few months, the coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has spread globally and infected thousands of people. During this time, we have monitored the virus’ progression and its impact on our government and global economy. Currently, the virus has overcome containment efforts resulting in the implementation of various additional measures. We wish for those infected and their families good health and full recoveries. For those unaffected by the virus at this time, we implore you stay informed, practice proper hygiene, be courteous, and practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the disease.

At Predire Paris, we have begun to implement a plan that ensures continued productivity and the safety of our community. Should our main offices close in response to the virus, our employees are prepared to begin working remotely to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of the disease. The safety of our staff and surrounding community is of the utmost importance and we are working effortlessly to do our part in light of this current pandemic.

During this shift to remote work, we anticipate little change to the services and support we regularly provide to you. We have special bundles available for keeping clean and hygienic. There is no discount code needed for these.

We hope to do our part during this time to protect our communities, partners, and encourage successful preventative measures. We are working tirelessly to stay one step ahead and informed of the latest news regarding COVID-19. Please stay up-to-date on the latest information and implement cautionary measures in your every day routine to prevent contracting or sharing the novel coronavirus.

Thank you.

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