Cell Renewal Collagen Mask

Cell Renewal Collagen Mask

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Predire Paris' innovative Cell Renewal Collagen Facial Mask is formulated for use on all skin types. Our breakthrough anti-aging formula provides your skin with the natural ingredients it needs to hydrate and replenish you skin, keeping your skin looking youthful.

This luxurious and all natural skin treatment revitalizes the skin giving it greater definition and promotes cellular regrowth. Working beneath the top layers of skin, deep into the basal layer, this mask regenerates cells, fights damaging free radicals, stabilizes skin immunity and rehydrates the skin improving skin elasticity reducing the appearance of premature aging.

Our specialized fomula enhances your skin by providing a slimming effect, sculpting the facial tissues, and by evening out skin tone.

This product works for all skin types, especially fatigued and dehydrated skin.

On a freshly cleansed face, place the mask comfortably on the skin. Leave on for 15–20 minutes. The longer you leave the mask the better the effects. You do not have to rinse your face after using the mask as the residue acts like a serum. Discard the mask for each mask is a one time use for sanitation purposes. Use 1–3 times a week.