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This Men Set is a lightweight formula to be used as a daily facial treatment. The emollient formula visibly improves skin's overall appearance and provides lasting hydration without oiliness or heaviness. The unique set combines the tools to soften the beard while providing an exceptional cushion for a close and accurate shave. It helps to quickly heal and sooth while hydrating the beard.

Many men take super-hot showers and splash some bar soap and water on their face. Using a moisturizer, or an alcohol free after-shave, might not be on top of the male to-do list, but good skin care can be both quick and easy.

Bar soap, lack of moisturizing, and harsh after-shaves dry out the skin, making it appear wrinkly and much older than it is. Luckily, rejuvinating it is easy.

The Prédiré set for men contains:

For Men Pre-Shave Facial Serum

The Prédiré For Men Pre-Shave Facial Serum is a lightweight serum that will revolutionize the shaving experience. The serum is rich in emollients and provides a protective cushion for a close and accurate shave without irritating the skin. Argan Oil ensures that the skin gets proper hydration and vitamins, and the serum helps soothe and heal.

The Pre-Shave Facial serum is a unique combination for men and will protect the facial skin while reviving the complexion.

For Men After Shave Balm

The Prédiré For Men After Shave Balm is a lightweight, moisturizing balm that helps soothe and calm razor-irritated skin. The balm contains Argan Oil and the remarkable properties of the oil will ensure the skin is hydrated without being oily.

The balm is absorbed easily and quickly, and relieves razor burns, soothes skin after shaving, and improves the overall condition of the skin.

The For Men After Shave Balm leaves the skin smooth, hydrated, and comfortable.

For Men Hydrating Moisturizer

The For Men Hydrating Moisturizer is a lightweight formula specially created for men’s thicker and coarser skin. It contains Argan Oil – nature’s liquid gold from Morocco – which ensures the skin is hydrated, soft, smooth, and radiant.

The moisturizer should be used as a daily facial treatment and will visibly improve the skin’s overall appearance. It provides lasting hydration without being oily, and works well for all skin types.

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