Oil Control Set

Oil Control Set

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Our Oil Control Set works to rapidly and effectively remove oil and control shine. It clears surface oil without over drying. Your skin feels completely clean, oil-free and refreshed. With this set, oily shine is replaces with tighter pores and a healthy glow. For skin under stress, it energizes every cell with a new vitality you can see and feel. Get fresh skin with oil-control that lasts for hours.


  • Controls Oil
  • Reduces Shine
  • Nutrient Rich
  • Rids skin of excess make-up residue and free radicals
  • Doesn't Over Dry 

Oil Control Daily Moisturizer Cream:

Predire Paris' Oil Control Daily Moisturizer Cream hydrates and protects skin while controlling shine. 

This cream is lightweight and reduces shine on contact - proven to control oil for hours, while also efficiently reducing breakouts!

Use every day in the morning, on a clean face. Gives best results when used together with our Oil Control Problematic Skin Cleanser. For the evenings, we recommend the Everyday Care Recovery Night Cream.

Oil Control Prevention Mask:

Oily skin can be controlled; it's just a matter of learning to do it. A few small changes to the skin care routine can work miracles!

Predire Paris' Oil Control Prevention Mask keeps oil in check for hours. It contains Argan Oil from Morocco, which has unique properties that will hydrate and keep the skin smooth and elastic while counteracting excessive oil production.

The oily shine is replaced with tighter pores and a healthy glow, and the mask energizes the skin with a vitality you can see and feel.

The mask gives a deep and satisfying clean feeling, draws out impurities, and reduces the excess oil and shine. In addition, it alleviates troubled skin and can be left overnight on blemishes as a spot treatment.


Clean and dry the face before use. Apply a thin layer over the face, but avoid eyes and lips. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, and remove with a damp cloth. Works best in conjunction with our Oil Control Problematic Skin Cleanser and our Oil Control Daily Moisturizer Cream.

Oil Control Problematic Skin Cleanser:

Predire Paris' Oil Control Problematic Skin Cleanser removes oil and controls shine rapidly and effectively! Formulated with Argan Oil, which helps replenish nutrients as you cleanse, giving leaving your complexion with a healthy and radiant glow without the oily shine.

This cleanser clears surface oils off the skin without over-drying, and gives a refreshing, clean, and oil-free feeling.Naturally, it also removes all traces of make-up and particles that can accumulate on the skin throughout the day.

Wet face and spread cleanser onto clean hands. Massage the cleanser gently onto the face with circular motions, and rinse thoroughly. Use twice a day, but never on damaged or broken skin. Works best when used in conjunction with our Oil Control Daily Moisturizer Cream.

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