Age-Defying Face Lifting Cream (a non-surgical treatment), 30ml

Age-Defying Face Lifting Cream (a non-surgical treatment), 30ml

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The Age-Defying Face Lifting Cream is the ultimate in non-surgical lifting, tightening, and firming. The cream contains the rare Moroccan Argan Oil, also called nature’s liquid gold, for optimal skin hydration. Break-through science and time-tested herbs support and enhance the fantastic restorative and anti-aging properties of the Argan Oil.

The Face Lifting Cream supports a youthful appearance and provides a visible lifting, tightening, and firming effect. This is the closest possible to a face-lift without surgery.


Clean skin thoroughly and dry entire face. Stir the product before applying. Spread a thin layer of cream evenly on the face. Avoid eyes and lips. Stay motionless for up to 20 minutes while the cream dries and tightens. Do not wash off. You can apply powder makeup on top of the cream, but avoid using liquids or other creams on top of the product.